Where, How, What?

Pelamin set up in a typical MPH

Your wedding, it HAS to be somewhere, right?

Of course!

In Singapore, since most likely we are 80% living in HDB apartments, we would be most likely to have our wedding event at the void decks. Of course there are other possible venues around Singapore, but everything shall depend on how much you have, and willing to spend.

How early would you start making the enquiries and booking?
Enquiries – NOW.
Booking – once both sides have agreed on the wedding day.

Some venues would have been booked much earlier, for some places up to 1 year in advance, especially for some hot auspicious dates. You’re NOT THE ONLY couple getting married on that day, please..?

Besides the main concern of budget and expenditure, here is a short list of considerations;

1- Accessibility
a) Public transport / bus / MRT / car park. Please indicate clearly in the wedding invitation cards with a good illustration.

b) Building access – ground floor / lifts for upper floors / ramps for the pakcik-pakcik / makcik-makcik / datuk nenek / disabled (if any)

c) Accessibility for vendors – please please spare a thought for your wedding vendors, the decoration and catering teams.

“…a Community Club apparently had high restriction on switiching on the fans, let alone the aircon, as claimed by the organizing family. 

When I was there, only one fan was switched on. Now that is literally fanning amber to fire. Apparently when approached at the counter, staffs seemed not to be bothered.”

(It was understood that it required additional cost to switch them on for a specific time.)

d) Accessibility for bride and groom

…also Bridal car cannot park within premises or driveway…. nearest carpark is 2 hdb blocks away. that’s some 150 meter walk.

Please have an emergency plan for wet weather. We would never know when the heavens would open up and cry… (and some brides are not trained to walk in 5″ stilettos)

960-4Pelamin set up in a community club

THIS. Can make or break your event. Every delayed arrangement will only snowball and will get worse. The decoration teams cannot do much if the access to the venue is not granted. The catering team needs to set up the buffet spread etc. These will take a lot of time to prepare.

2- Ask / Check / Confirm the terms and conditions. 
Some places adhere to strict time frame, not a minute earlier, not a minute later. Other places could be flexible with the timing but do NOT always take things easy / for granted. Never assume. Get the PR representative’s number for any clarification.

>> Especially for your catering team. Only some catering companies would have a central kitchen to prepare the dishes, while some still require on site live cooking, or at least for  warming up. Please check with the CC if they allow “live stations” too.

>> How about the dirty utensils? Will there be a dedicated washing team for that? Even if it will be provided by the catering service, it is always good to know if where it will be. NOT forgetting the disposals.

…and the washrooms too. Especially the mobile ones. Please ensure that they are set up on time, and properly in good working order, and for goodness sake, have it arranged at a decent distance away.

(These may not apply to dedicated wedding venues, but its always good to check, just in case.)

You may want to delegate this responsibility to one of your trusted cousins or groomsmen, especially on the day itself, since you shall only be mentally prepared for your solemnization.

So please, as the bride or groom, sit quiet quiet and let someone trustworthy to run the show.

3- The set up for the solemnization.

Set up 1 – typically, on the floor. This is normal if the solemnization is done at home in the living room. It is BEST practiced if the individuals involved can be comfortably seated on the floor, respecting both the groom and the kadi.

If you know there will be a LOT of turn ups for your nikah event, please spare a thought for your media team – PG movements and VG equipments.


Set up 2 – If it will be at the multi-purpose hall, please arrange for a pleasant space enough for the entourage to sit. (as in picture above)

Some venues will have it all prepared for you, but still you will need to finalise who to sit where. It is best to have someone to come earlier to check on this, and set it up, if necessary. There shall be a minimum of 6 seats for the groom, kadi, both her father and his, and the two witnesses.

Everyone else, please have it arranged at a distance away. Thank you.

4- Audio system – DJ.
Some wedding venues provide in-house audio system for your convenience. Otherwise you may of course hire a DJ service for your solemnization. However, for some weddings, the DJ is only asked to come ONLY for the wedding event itself – for karaoke.



Please. NO.

Anyway, do a microphone / audio check BEFORE the solemnization, pls?

5- The reception area.
Sometimes, this could be the most unprepared, and sometimes the most cluttered area. Usually the parents would be manning this “station”. Of course, guests would not get pass them without the duit salam / ang pows in return for the door gifts.


Lately there has been a trending practice to have a sort of safe box, where guests would make a “deposit”, as a more convenient option than to have those money envelopes in pockets or handbags. Just make sure you have someone trusted to keep an eye on these boxes. Installing CCTV is a little too much lah…

6- 10 Tables enough?

You need to double confirm your guest list. Most vendors would provide 10 round tables, some 15 upon request. Eventually, it all depends on the number of your guests. We will not have the confirmed number before the event, but usually 15 tables would be enough for a crowd of 1000 pax over 6 hours on ONE day.

Unless of course if your guests are those who would have bought season parking tickets for the seats lah. #foreverchopeseats

Allow some space between the tables for movements of guests. Advisable to have a 50 – 100cm gap between the chairs because you know how generally everyone sits.

7- Photobooth
If you are planning to have it simple, this is one very optional item in your list. However, if you insist, you should know if your guests will make the most of it, and how much space it requires. The team will most likely need a power access, but they should come with their own extension plugs.

I may have overlooked some other factors, so please leave me a message so that I can add on to the list.

Anyway, if you are looking for the list, this link could be useful.


Good luck!


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