Wedding of Wan and Mira 2016.

101 photography packages*

Hello couples-to-be!

Before you start asking for photography / videography rates from anyone, anywhere for your wedding event, here’s a quick checklist for you both to consider;

1- Total no. of hours;

Most times it comes down to the duration of your event and the products you are expecting from the package.

Once you have decided on the time for your solemnization / nikah ceremony, then we can roughly estimate the arrival time for photographers to come. For example; if your nikah starts at 2pm, it means your Mak Andam / MUA may arrive at 11 am. Photo/videographers do NOT come at 2pm, since there’s a need to set up our gears etc, and for some bits of pre-wedding preparations.

I may only come by 12:30 pm +/- at least after the bride has changed into her bridal outfit / or in some cases had at least worn her hijab / tudung. There will be some shots of the bride’s make up touch up session, and more importantly the decorated gifts set for the groom.

Reception after nikah would take about 4 hours, although some might have a simpler shorter one, or some may have it for 6 hours. You may have two locations over two days, typically at the bride’s on a Saturday, and the groom’s on Sunday (bertandang). Again, this may not always be the case, since it can always be done as a combined reception at only one venue.

So here’s the most common practices;
a) Saturday solemnization / nikah + reception – all in one
2pm – 6pm ( 6 hours package )
b) Saturday solemnization / nikah + reception (bride’s) + Sunday bertandang
2pm – 6pm + 12pm – 6pm ( 12 hours package )

Of course, you may have your own duration for your event. The extra 2 hours, if you have noticed, are meant to be the travel time and preparations shots.

Please do check with your respective photo/videographers, and in some cases your Mak Andam / MUA if you would want some time after nikah for your outdoor photo/video session. Some would charge by the hour, while some would have it included in their packages.

2- Products;

WHAT is it that you WANT.

You will be offered 101 options, but it really comes down to what’s necessary, and you always have the option to decide what’s best for the both of you.
(It is both YOUR wedding, remember?)

a) “Give me ALL!”
– NOPE. You shall NOT have everything to yourselves. The photographer shall need time to filter the best shots before going through simple edits, before finally releasing your images in soft copies, in CD / thumb drive or simply via WeTransfer / email  / cloud services, where you can easily download your images directly into your smartphone and upload to Facebook and start tagging everyone.

b) 4R Prints in album, or not.
– this is the most common option among couples, which had been around for decades, since the film era. There could be an option for just prints without the album, because you both shall find a dedicated time by the fireplace… or TV, or bedroom to slot in yourselves as you both reminisce those moments all over again…

…or having those images custom printed larger on a high quality art paper on a hardcover photo album for just a little more…

…and have that one large print in canvas, for the wall of your own humble abode.

Whatever your choice is, have it discussed and agreed first, since it will be included in the total package price.

c) Quality of images;

“We just want nice pictures, thank you!”

Of course, everyone wants that. Of course too, we would want to present you with those nice pictures too. So we shall both understand that quality begets quality. We shall have our gears to help us achieve that for you.

“…but we want you to shoot like this So_n_So.”

We shall have the mutual understanding that you have chosen us for the a) and b) explained above, and c) that you are satisfied, having seen our images before engaging us. We are sorry to say that we do not replicate other talent’s quality and value, because we highly respect each other. We shall give our best on your event day, should you engage us fairly.

d) Mode of payment;

Non-refundable deposits are compulsory to confirm your booking with your service provider. This is both our mutual commitment to have your event date reserved.

The amount varies, and its a good practice to have 90% of the total amount settled before the event day. It is not always necessary to have the payment in one lump sum, you may want to discuss with the service provider for staggered payments.

I hope this list of tips helps!
For 2018/9 package, here’s what we have got for you;
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Here’s our terms of agreement.
Looking forward to serving you.

Feel free to ask me anything else about wedding preparations / tips / advice. I’d be glad to have it explained / sorted out for you.

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Have a great week ahead!