HERE is a reading list / link that may be useful for you as you plan your wedding; not only about photography, but about everything else you need to know. Best to read together, and have a little discussion while at it.

Links with * are written by myself.

Feel free to ask me anything else about wedding preparations / tips / advice. I’d be glad to have it explained / sorted out for you.

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  1. *What you need to know about photography rates
  2. *Typical Malay wedding programme / checklist
  3. *Grooming the Groom
  4. *Standby Groom
  5. *Our Wedding, whose guests? 
  6. *Your Wedding Guest List
  7. *People will say
  8. *…to invite means to serve
  9. *A lifetime investment
  10. *The Golden Tradition
  11. *The Ramadan Entry
  12. *“I’m NOT spending so much!”
  13. *Where, How, What?
  14. *The Solemnization / Nikah
  15. *Duit Kipas
  16. *Nikah II
  17. *Potong Andam. (Video)
  18. *NEED – Wedding Rings?
  19. *NEED – the ring, but not quite?
  20. *Enter the Soundman!

Other useful readings:

  1. The Price of Weddings << NEW
  2. Wedding Photography Secrets
  3. What can go wrong?
  4. Understanding the Void Deck Weddings
  5. Creative Wedding Hashtags
  6. Wedding photography styles
  7. Planning your pre-wedding photo shoot
  8. From the world’s best. (2015)
  9. From the world’s best (2016)