HERE is a reading list / link that may be useful for you as you plan your wedding; not only about photography, but about everything else you need to know. Best to read together, and have a little discussion while at it.

Links with * are written by myself.

Feel free to ask me anything else about wedding preparations / tips / advice. I’d be glad to have it explained / sorted out for you.

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  1. *What you need to know about photography rates
  2. *Typical Malay wedding programme / checklist
  3. *Grooming the Groom
  4. *Standby Groom
  5. *Our Wedding, whose guests? 
  6. *Your Wedding Guest List
  7. *People will say
  8. *…to invite means to serve
  9. *A lifetime investment
  10. *The Golden Tradition
  11. *The Ramadan Entry
  12. *“I’m NOT spending so much!”
  13. *Where, How, What?
  14. *The Solemnization / Nikah
  15. *Duit Kipas
  16. *Nikah II
  17. *Potong Andam. (Video)
  18. *NEED – Wedding Rings? – (I)
  19. *NEED – the ring, but not quite? – (II)
  20. *Enter the Soundman! – (I)
  21. *DJ? EMCEE? – (II)
  22. *Face the Music, yo! – (III)
  25. *FOR YOU, from us
  26. *ONE minute to spare?

Other useful readings:

  1. Grooms, do NOT neglect yourselves! << NEW
  2. The Price of Weddings
  3. Wedding Photography Secrets
  4. What can go wrong?
  5. Understanding the Void Deck Weddings
  6. Creative Wedding Hashtags
  7. Wedding photography styles
  8. Planning your pre-wedding photo shoot
  9. From the world’s best. (2015)
  10. From the world’s best (2016)